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Educate Women On Appropriate Farming Method & They Will Feed The World!

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Impacting knowledge and encouraging action.

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Capacity Building A Gateway To Knowledge.

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We Care About Your Rights and Well-being!


Social-Economic Development

WAYAD is commited to Build Capacity and Supply resources to comminuties and enhance their social-economic development.

Women and Children Rights

Gender equality and caring for the vulnerable groups.


Environmental Conservation

Working against land degredation, water pollution and planting trees.

Improvement of Health Conditions

WAYAD works with the communities and train them on Health Issues to improve their well-being

Some of Our Partners

Our Core Values

We uphold integrity and act in honesty in all our endeavours

The focus of WAYAD will be on areas such health, knowledge enhancement, education advancement, training and skill development, establishment of a revolving fund, capacity building to improve on Kenyan's Knowledge, enhance employment opportunities, individual and group advancement. To provide clean water and sanitation. Advance on Agricultural Knowledge and practises.

  • Accountability

    We are responsible of our actions
  • Passion

    We put our mind in the work to get the best result
  • Service Excellence

    We give the best service to achieve excellence continuously
  • Integrity

    We uphold integrity and act in honesty in all our endeavors

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